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S-ROS developing internal software issue and report analysis.

The software - report Online System has internal and external advantages:


-Faster report execution

-More information collected

-Increasing the capacity and speed of reporting

External (Customers)

-Better capacity to analyze the reports

-Faster information

-Possibility of having ONLINE report

-Review of reports in the moment and anywhere

This software will be available during the year of 2017

Acoustic inspection center

In 2015 we initiated the innovative inspection service.

An acoustically isolated room and thermal.


The room allows you to inspect thoroughly noises.

Your sound insulation certificate allows to achieve excellent results in analysis of noise, being more effective and fast inspections or analysis.

From the floor to the materials and clothing of the employees, there was careful to reduce the maximum internal noise.

The results over the years are excellent, being the only acoustic isolation room in Portugal, used for inspections.


The room allows temperature since the -5 º up to 45º.

The thermal insulation, with an internal circuit of air renewal, allows you to perform inspections and analysis in extreme situations in order to compare material reactions to cold and heat.

New logistic center in Germany.

In February 2013 ASJIT inaugurated the second Logistic project in Germany with more than 16.000m2.

The management of this project is the responsibility of our Supervisor, Sergio Roque.

In the following month of November this warehouse will be audited in accordance with standard ISOTS 16949

Working day with a SPECIAL Person

In conjunction with the association sponsored by us, APPACD - Portuguese Association of Parents and Friends of Disabled citizen, we have developed a new project this year 2012.

The institution develops various educational activities in order to prepare these children for future employment.

We wanted to go further and develop a project that gives children contact with the real work environment.

10 Children participated in this project, where each of these one day working with SQC & ASJIT team.

Developed a sorting, duly accompanied by our professional, knowing the entire process, from creating the visual aid until the drafting of the report to the client.

The visit of children to our customers and partners was undoubtedly the high point of this project. Know new environments and businesses with their current production fascinated them all.

Our thanks to all partners who have agreed to our visit. THANK YOU!







Porsche GT3R Hybrid

Pedro Marreiros testing a possible new car for next season.

It is a project PORSCHE PERFORMANCE INTELLIGENT implementing the hybrid format in the competition.

PORSCHE Hybrid GT3 R with 480 hp and 163 hp additional from an energy recovery system.

The test took place at the Autodromo do Estoril, with the presence of our team ASJIT to support.

Iberian Supercars Series

Marreiros and Salvador to the attack in Estoril

Pedro Marreiros and Pedro Salvador returns this weekend at the Autodromo do Estoril race to the Iberian Portuguese Supercars Series. In order to fight for victory in the GT4 category, two rides that make up this round, Pedro Marreiros and Pedro Salvador present with a Cayman S Porsche more competitive than in previous days, thanks to intensive development work that took place along the last weeks.

As far as we could check in the last test conducted in Braga, the car is more competitive and the problems that affected the previous rounds seem to be outdated. We still have considerable scope to improve the car, especially in terms of brakes and electronics, but I think this weekend in Estoril, we can expect to have a very competitive machine will allow us to fight for victory, said Pedro Marreiros very motivated for this fifth round of Iberian Supercars Series.

Rather interesting end-to-week racing in Estoril promises to be quite excited. The practice sessions and qualifying are scheduled for Saturday, while the two races will be held on Sunday at 12 hours and 17 hours respectively. This will be the last round of competitive Portuguese championship that will end on October 16 in Jerez de La Frontera.

Certificação ISO/TS 16949 by DQS

Since 2007, the SQC is certified by ISO9001.

In order to follow the evolution of market as our customers, we decided to work to obtaining the ISO / TS 16949.

Since May 2011 that SQC and ASJIT are certified by DQS according to ISO / TS 16949. This certification ranges from the inspection and rework, such as pre-assembly, production support and logistics processes.

ASJIT / Porsche

In partnership with prestigious Porsche, ASJIT participated in a more ambitious project which puts us in an area that we have been gaining. The road race is increasingly picky about services. ASJIT develops and optimizes services, from logistics and preparation processes with the project PORSCHE CAYMAN GT4.

Renewal image

One of the biggest opportunity of improvement suggestions made by our employees was the image renewal.

After meeting with the team, the opinions were varied:

-Have a nice area

-why the industrial parks have to be gray?

-Have a beautiful garden with art pieces brighten up the eyes of passers-by

-Have a sculpture

-Have night lighting to make a nice area for those on the night shift

We combine the various opinions and meet with our

partners, children of APPACDM institution and a

quality controller of SQC (Filipa Abreu) that in

team had the ideas for the garden, subsequently approved by management SQC/ASJIT

As we expected, the creation of these children us once again surprised

Experience Scuba Diving with APPACDM

A great challenge!

This time we invite children of the APPACDM institution to make a Scuba Diving experience.

Prepare together with teachers, all features and requirements that this experience requires.

Together with professionals from CascoAntiguo (company dedicated to Scuba Diving training), we find the best team to follow these children.

It was undoubtedly a challenge overcome.

Our congratulations to all children as our thanks to the teachers and employees of SQC and ASJIT who participated in this event.


The next day July 14 we have the Second Regatta Sado Race - 2012.

This time we have some of our customers and partners in the area of Portugal - Palmela.

The Regatta will have 7 yachts of 10 meters.

Each team participates with 6 crew members.

The two stages of the race begins in the Club Naval Setubalense and arrival of Portinho da Arrábida / Portinho da Arrábida and arrival of the Troia Marina.

Good luck to ALL TEAMS and ... Good winds!

Football with special teams

We did a tournament with teams from APPACDM - Portuguese Association of Parents and Friends of the Disabled Citizen

SQC Team Men - Men's Team Children APPACDM

Team ASJIT Women - Women's Team Children APPACDM

This sport activity gave our team and children team a very fun experience.


In this event were employees, partners, customers and suppliers.

Porsche Cayman The GT4 and pilot, Peter Marreiros attended and cooperated with our initiative.

A race with 20 minutes of training and 1 hour of racing.

There were great displays of driving techniques that resulted in three podium places.

At the end of the race, Cayman GT4 go to the track to demonstrate co-pilot drive with the two elements of the 2nd place and finally, the most important of this action, co-pilot drive with four children from the institution APPACDM. His nervousness turned into courage and went to car without hesitation. The smile of each one of them was the most special moment of this race.

Thanks for the support:

A7tt Empresa de trabalho temporário

SEAT Arrábida

BP Gasvari

Hotel do Sado



We have been developing, with our collaborators, several interaction activities that promote teamwork. Sailing is a sport where team spirit is developed so far to succeed and fulfill the objective.

In this way, with teachings of the sailor Pedro Sousa, we carried out a regatta of 5 sailboats in the river Sado. We have to distinct presence of our partner A7TT Empresa de Trabalho Temporário, which made this activity an action of great fellowship.